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Attorney Referrals of Bad Faith Cases

Referrals from our peers within the legal community remain a vital part of our continued success as a small firm with a strong reputation throughout Texas and beyond.  When a potential client or even a close friend or family member needs help that you or your firm cannot provide, you of course want to find them another lawyer or law firm that you personally and professionally trust to get them the best possible results, along with the best possible service. Many leading firms around the country regularly send potential referrals to Terry Bryant and we do all we can to help each and every one of these potential clients.

In this unprecedented time, as our nation faces a pandemic, business owners who are denied payment of claims need strong representation. Our team of personal injury attorneys has the depth of experience necessary to take on large insurers practicing bad faith.

We are honored to be in touch with many of the leading firms around the US

We appreciate the value of working with firms across a variety of practice areas from around the country. We have worked to earn the trust and respect of the legal community through collaboration and a strong track record.

Because of our reputation in the industry, we have received referrals from other firms who want to get the best possible experience for their clients. Our record speaks to our abilities, insight and our solid knowledge of the Texas legal systems.

Not only do our clients know that we will work to protect them and help get them the justice they deserve, but our referring law firms know that we will diligently pay referral fees to co-counsel. We diligently track every referral that comes to our firm. We deeply appreciate this show of confidence that other firms demonstrate. We also reimburse previous case expenses in the event of a successful recovery. Please be sure to let us know about these when associating our firm.

We want our referring firms to know how much we appreciate this relationship.

We have the background to address the needs of your clients

Our long history of successfully taking on insurance companies

Other law firms know that they can trust us because of our experience and background in personal injury law. This experience of facing large corporations and their insurers also positions us to take on commercial insurance companies acting in bad faith. Terry Bryant served as a judge for 22 years – all while his own firm grew to become a Houston institution. His background has given him a unique level of familiarity with the court systems throughout the state, as well as local and state law.

At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, Mr. Bryant has hand-picked a team of lawyers and support staff that is equally dedicated to success as he is. With over 30 years of experience in personal injury trial law, he leads the law firm in its effort to continually provide the best possible service and outcomes to callers and clients alike.

Terry Bryant is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. This means that his knowledge and insight has been officially recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization by a certificate of special competence.

We don’t get intimidated

We have built our firm with the promise that we would take on all opponents, regardless of their influence or power. We have successfully gone after pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and other major corporations. We do not feel intimidated by any opponent. Our clients know that this firm will fight for justice regardless of who wronged them.

Our dedication has led to community accolades and approval as best evidenced by our online reviews and other honors and victories presented throughout our website. We have a broad commitment to the community as well by supporting many causes and charities.

Learn more about Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law

We invite law firms that are considering making a referral to learn more about our firm and our dedication to clients. We want you to feel confident in your decision to involve Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law. We know that the decision to refer a client to another law firm is both personal and professional, so we want you to comfortable with the decision. Verify our results and our success using whatever means you see fit.

We also invite you to reach out to our firm and speak to us today. We would be happy to talk to you about your case and discuss the prospect of a referral.

If you have a bad faith case that you want to refer to another firm, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today at or 713-973-8888 or 1-800-444-5000. You will get immediate attention.